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KATOpedia is your single best source of information on helically coiled screw thread inserts. With our Product wizard, compliance statements, 3D models, and Tensile Strength wizard, KATOpedia has the answers you're looking for. No other site even comes close! To gain access to KATOpedia please sign in above or Register now.

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KATOpedia includes:


Working with SolidWorks? No, problem. Download 3D Models of Hexatorq and Suretorq Hinges!

Aerospace & Insert Specs

Download CoilThread spec sheets (insert drawings) and view list of applicable military, aerospace, & commerical standards.

AS9100 Certification

KATO maintains a quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001 & AS9100.


Download the latest KATO Design Manual, Product Flyers, and more.

Compliance Statements

KATO maintains compliance statements for DFARS, RoHS, ITAR, REACH, ODS, EAR, NAFTA, FAR & Conflict Mineral Compliance. Export, HTS Codes & Schedule B included.

Drill & Tap Dimensions

Hole preparation with KATO suggested drill sizes, depth and STI thread dimensions.

Insert Selection

Determine the correct insert length needed for any application.



Material Safety Data Sheet for helical inserts, strip-feed, plastic reel & more.

Product Wizard

A powerful wizard for fast and accurate part number and technical information on specific inserts.

Technical Articles

Stay up to date with KATO's extensive technical article library. Covers a wide variety of topics from Galling Protections to Torque Basics.

Tensile Strength Wizard

A wizard that will calculate the theoretical tensile strength of an assembly based on the shear strength of the parent material, thread size, and the nominal length of the insert.

Tooling Instruction

View, read, and/or print any of our tooling instructions online. A Complete list of instructions for using KATO Tanged and Tangless tools.

UL and CE Certs

UL & CE Certifications

Download KATO UL & CE Certification.

Video Workshop

Videos demonstrate the proper procedure setting up and using KATO Tangless and tanged CoilThread tools.


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