Importance of KATO Tang Break-off Tool!

The KATO Tang Break-off Tool (KTBT) is a spring-loaded punch designed to deliver a sharp blow to the tang of the installed CoilThread insert.

The KATO Tang Break-off Tool is an important tool when installing tanged inserts. Some unwisely undervalue this tool. The advantages offered by the KTBT should not be ignored. If the tang is not properly removed, the hole may be compromised and will not allow the male fastener to pass through. The best way to remove the tang is through a sharp strong force directed away from the installed insert.

If a lazy or soft force is applied to the tang the hitting motion becomes a pushing motion. As a result, there is a much greater chance of the tang bending instead of breaking. Commonly the bottom thread or two of the insert will also become unseated. This can cause additional interference, and even galling, between the male fastener and the insert.


Figure 1 - Bent Tanged (left)

Damage to thin walled parts with blind holes is more likely to occur when not using the KTBT. The standard length of the KTBT is designed for a 1D, 1.5D, and/or 2D insert. The plunger length is fixed; it can only extend a prescribed length. This can be all the difference when a blind hole with a thin wall is present. If the force delivered by a hammer and a hand-held punch is great enough to break the tang, it may be too much to stop before it contacts the bottom of the blind hole. This can deform or break through the bottom of the thin walled piece, rendering the part useless.

The KATO Break-Off Tool (KTBT) provides the right amount of force, a consistent punching depth, and the most productive option for breaking tangs off the installed CoilThread insert. Of course, you can always eliminate the tang break off process altogether by switching to KATO Tangless inserts!

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